One-on-One Sessions

Private sessions with Tammy are intended to help clients develop and maintain the curiosity and enthusiasm for returning to Yoga tools for support in life.  Depending on individual needs, these sessions will look different for everyone.  Some examples of the content of these sessions include: Life coaching Teaching specific Yoga … Read More »One-on-One Sessions

Inquiry Yoga Master Class Online

  A 6-class series, to fall in love with the Questions themselves.  Recordings include Lectures, Notes for self study, and Integrated Practices  “Have patience with all that lies unsolved in your Heart And try to love the questions themselves, Like a mysterious hut in the mountain, locked up tight, Like volumes … Read More »Inquiry Yoga Master Class Online

Zen and the Art of Yoga

A 7-Class Series, focusing on the Kriya Yoga of Patanjali and the heart of integrated practice Originally recorded, Wednesdays Apr. 14 – May 26, 2021 “Be Present, Be Reflective, Be Open” The 3-fold path of Kriya Yoga (as laid out in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) is the Heart of … Read More »Zen and the Art of Yoga