Inquiry Yoga Master Class Online


A 6-class series, to fall in love with the Questions themselves.  Recordings include Lectures, Notes for self study, and Integrated Practices 

“Have patience with all that lies unsolved in your Heart
And try to love the questions themselves,
Like a mysterious hut in the mountain, locked up tight,
Like volumes of books written in an unknown language.

The point of this human experience is, after all, to live….. everything.” (Rilke)

Session 1. Relationship with Values
Session 2. Relationship with Attitudes
Session 3. Relationship with the Nervous System
Session 4. Relationship with Feeling
Session 5. Relationship with Silence
Session 6. Yoga is Relationship

Inquiry Based Yoga Exploration:
Let go of the image of “Yoga” and find yourself

Inquiry-based learning in Yoga allows practitioners to align their practice with their personal intention, priorities, and, fundamentally, with their Dharma (Life’s purpose).  This approach to practice is ancient and fundamental to personal transformation and healing.

A spiritual practice should support one’s ideals, but the way that Yoga is often transmitted today, one is left with the impression that the practice determines one’s ideals.  This confusion has been a source of conflict and perpetual disappointment in some yoga communities.  It is time to free ourselves from such confusion and return to the answers that are only found within us.

As this is a profoundly personal way to practice, each practitioner will be building a unique practice.  Because this is a group exploration, we will be learning from one another, and each person, in that way, becomes a teacher of their own wisdom. 

In this group experience, I am not the ‘teacher’ but rather a guide to supporting your own self discovery.  My focus will be more on asking the questions rather than providing the answers….. I trust that you have the answers but may just need some help finding them.

We will used themes explored in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a framework for the conversations and personal explorations, but we will not be confined to any single commentary or interpretation of these ideas.

Why does modern Yoga in the West look so different from this idea?

Today’s globalized Yoga industry and traditions have been significantly influenced by the modern incarnation of Yoga that evolved out of the impacts of colonialism on India and its many spiritual traditions.  Two of the many impacts of Victorian era ideals imposed upon Yoga were the elevation of written texts and the subservience to a patriarchal authority figure to override the personal wisdom/insights of the individual practitioner.  In the context of this history, the emphasis on personal inquiry and somatic experience can seem almost like a revolutionary act….. let’s start a revolution.

Since this experience is intended to cumulative, I would ask that participants plan to attend (live or via recordings) all six sessions.

Price Options:
– Pricing is flexible to support anyone in need of financial support – No one will be excluded due to financial limitations
No more than $60/60€ for the series

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