One-on-One Sessions

Private sessions with Tammy are intended to help clients develop and maintain the curiosity and enthusiasm for returning to Yoga tools for support in life.  Depending on individual needs, these sessions will look different for everyone.  Some examples of the content of these sessions include:

  • Life coaching
  • Teaching specific Yoga techniques
  • Evaluating or renewing an existing practice
  • Stress management
  • Philosophy

Payment: There is a sliding scale for private sessions depending on the needs.  For a one time session, I recommend 85 Euros, but for a series or regular private sessions, prices vary depending on the needs and the capacity of the client.  No one will be turned away due to financial reasons.

2 thoughts to “One-on-One Sessions”

  1. Hallo Tammy,
    ich hab mich gefreut dihc heute kennenlernen zu dürfen,
    vielleicht bietest du ja was vormittags an? Anderenfalls eine Private Stunde?
    Ich könnte bis zu 4 Frauen dafür aktivieren.

    Schöne Grüße

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