Joy & Happiness

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Joy is unspeakably more than Happiness. Happiness washes over us; it is granted by the fates. Joy, on the other hand, blossoms from within. Joy is simply a good season of the heart; Joy is the most extraordinary gift we have in our power.” Rainer Maria Rilke – from a letter … Read More »Joy & Happiness

Restlessness and Revelation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Navtej Johar, an amazing dancer, poet, Yoga teacher, once reflected on the inherent conflict between experience and expression – a conflict that is worthy of contemplation during times of global crises like 2020 and 2021. What you experience is completely personal.  It is a sensory/mind interaction that only you ‘witness.’ … Read More »Restlessness and Revelation

“We are One” ≠ “I am Special”

Reading Time: 4 minutes The foundational teaching of many spiritual/religious traditions begin with some version of “We are One.”  This leads believers to the notion that compassion arises out of a deep awareness of our fundamental connection with other beings.  However, a problematic misinterpretation of this concept can lead some to the delusion that … Read More »“We are One” ≠ “I am Special”

Mind Like Footprints in the Sand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many Yoga techniques are about placing the Mind, whether we are using the body to hold the attention or some inner image or sensation.  Place your attention “Here”, place it “There”…. Hold it “Here”, hold it “There.” – the practice, initially, is in the placement. When I first began to … Read More »Mind Like Footprints in the Sand