How Broken you must be to not see my Humanity

Reading Time: 3 minutes One writer who speaks right to my heart is James Baldwin.  As white cis-gendered heterosexual woman, some might assume that relating to his work would be a challenge since he wrote passionately about his lived experiences as a Black man (and closeted gay man) in a time where his humanity … Read More »How Broken you must be to not see my Humanity

Joy & Happiness

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Joy is unspeakably more than Happiness. Happiness washes over us; it is granted by the fates. Joy, on the other hand, blossoms from within. Joy is simply a good season of the heart; Joy is the most extraordinary gift we have in our power.” Rainer Maria Rilke – from a letter … Read More »Joy & Happiness

Restlessness and Revelation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Navtej Johar, an amazing dancer, poet, Yoga teacher, once reflected on the inherent conflict between experience and expression – a conflict that is worthy of contemplation during times of global crises like 2020 and 2021. What you experience is completely personal.  It is a sensory/mind interaction that only you ‘witness.’ … Read More »Restlessness and Revelation

“We are One” ≠ “I am Special”

Reading Time: 4 minutes The foundational teaching of many spiritual/religious traditions begin with some version of “We are One.”  This leads believers to the notion that compassion arises out of a deep awareness of our fundamental connection with other beings.  However, a problematic misinterpretation of this concept can lead some to the delusion that … Read More »“We are One” ≠ “I am Special”