Where does the mind go when there is no more air left to breathe?

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I would like to continue the notion from the previous post of “life has its own restraints.”  As previously stated, when people are oppressed and denied freedom of will, then, for peace of mind, one attempts to sort out purusha from prakriti.

Purusha as the existence of pure being becomes distinguished from the physical worldly existence of prakriti which is encumbered by “its own restraints”.

Anything in the physical world is impermanent and subject to change. The human mind is considered to exist in prakriti and it, too, is subject to change. Ignorance arises from the steady attachment to the physical world of change without any awareness of the eternal state of pure being. Yoga is the practice to refine the ignorant, distracted, and confused mind to its misperceptions in the realm of prakriti.

Existing in ignorance of purusha gives a perception of separation rather than union of all life. Having ignorance leads to desires such as materialism and wanting power over others rather than recognizing our shared common humanity.

White supremacy is a shared commitment to ignorance in the belief that the color of skin entitles one to certain material privileges.

White supremacy is an ignorant survival mentality that sees the limited resources in the changing world of prakriti, and lacks the imagination to see the creative potential of unlimited possibilities through change. The system of white supremacy murdered Mr. George Floyd over an alleged counterfeit $20.  Loss of life in exchange for an extra $20 to retain in the white supremacy bank account. Mr Floyd cried out for his right to his breathe. “Life’s restraints” in the form of oppression denied him his breath. Mr. Floyd called out to his deceased mother indicating to me that his mind may have recognized the imminent death approaching his body. His mind reached for the beyond into the realm of his deceased mother. I pray that he found his way to eternal peace with her. Faced with the ultimate of life’s restraints- death, Mr. Floyd sought his deceased mother.

This ability to rise above such adversity of oppression and even death is derived from the love, such as a call out to a loved one in the time of death.  Love is the  hope that allowed enslaved parents to envision that their children or grandchildren would one day be free. Love is a righteousness that promotes civil unrest that demands justice for all, not a privileged few. Love is courageous in knowing that one deserves to exist in spite of life’s restraints creating by a society based on ignorance. Love is gentle allowing a grown man to call out for the comfort of his mother when knowing he is taking his last breath.

Yoga is the intentional practice of self-realization. Yoga is a system of practices to bring the mind’s awareness to the realization of the interaction of purusha with prakriti.  The opening of the crown chakra signals this merging of purusha, the limitless, with prakriti, the limited. Yoga is a practice of uniting of heaven and earth. Yoga becomes an awareness of being in a body while coexisting with the unifying force behind of all life.

Thank you to all you good people who are reaching for the “crown above the head”. Thank you to all standing up for everyone’s right to breathe all of their God-given breaths. Thank you for striving for the love, unity, and freedom of black lives and all lives, all breaths.Thank you to all who abide in the guiding force of love to uplift ourselves out of ignorance and come to the realization of our one humanity in the one creation.