Baby & Me + Family @Tarayoga Online Tuesdays 15:00 – 16:00


Dienstags 15:00 – 16:00 @Tarayogaonline

Find space to breathe and be at ease with your baby at your side.  Find stability in body and spirit with the simple, yet powerful, tools of Yoga.


That is the first thing I tell parents who are new to this class. The three fold path of Kriya Yoga is a balance of Tapas (Presence), Svadyaya (self-reflection), and Ishvara Pranidhanadva (understanding the limitations of our control – or as Elsa says “let it go…”).

This is what we practice in Baby & Me Yoga – life with an infant is fantastic for building ones ability to be present (and it can be exhausting because the teacher is demanding day and and night). Sometimes, in the class, we are able to do some uninterrupted Asana or Pranayama, mostly it is a practice of creating an energetic space where woman and child can find a sense of ease in the presence of other women in the same phase of life. I am not sure how, but each week, we seem to manage to do this!

If you know anyone in Regensburg who could use a community and practice like this, please spread the word. If a woman tells you that she thinks her baby is too fussy to make it then DEFINITELY encourage her to come (we do well with fussy babies).

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