Mindfullness & Stress Management for Professionals

In today’s fast-paced business environment, stress and burnout have become common problems for employees, leading to decreased productivity, high turnover rates, and overall dissatisfaction with work. Mindfulness and stress management workshops have become popular as they help employees cope with stress and improve their well-being. Tammy, an experienced yoga teacher, former astrophysicist and science policy advisor, would like to offer mindfulness and stress management workshops in corporate environments. In this proposal, we will outline the benefits of these workshops and what Tammy can offer to organizations.

Benefits of Mindfulness and Stress Management Workshops:

• Improved productivity and performance: Mindfulness practices have been shown to improve focus, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, leading to improved work performance.

• Reduced stress and burnout: Mindfulness practices can help employees reduce stress levels and prevent burnout, leading to a healthier work-life balance.

• Improved emotional intelligence: Mindfulness practices can improve emotional regulation and empathy, leading to better communication and relationships with coworkers.

• Improved well-being: Mindfulness practices can lead to improved physical health, better sleep, and a more positive outlook on life.

What Tammy Can Offer:

Tammy is a highly experienced yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching yoga and mindfulness practices. She has extensive experience working with corporate clients and can offer the following workshops:

• Introduction to Mindfulness: This workshop provides an introduction to mindfulness practices and how they can benefit employees.

• Stress Management Techniques: This workshop teaches employees practical stress management techniques that they can use in their daily lives.

• Mindful Communication: This workshop focuses on improving communication skills through mindfulness practices, leading to better relationships with coworkers.

• Mindful Movement: This workshop focuses on gentle yoga movements that can be done at the desk, improving physical health and reducing stress.

Workshop Format:

Tammy’s workshops can be offered as in-person or virtual sessions, depending on the organization’s needs. The sessions can range from one hour to half-day or full-day workshops, depending on the organization’s requirements. Tammy provides all materials required for the workshop, including yoga mats and other props.


In conclusion, mindfulness and stress management workshops can provide significant benefits to organizations, leading to improved productivity, well-being, and reduced stress levels. Tammy, with her extensive experience in teaching mindfulness practices and working with corporate clients, is well-positioned to offer these workshops to organizations. We hope that you consider this proposal and look

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