Freedom for Hypermobile Bodies: Weds. June 5 – July 24, 16:30 CET ONLINE/On-Demand

Practical Guidance to support a special body

Finding Stability & Grace

This online series aims to empower people with hypermobility to practice yoga in a way that supports their unique needs and challenges. We will build awareness and movement strategies to support long term stability.  As this is not a ‘quick-fix’ participants will be strongly urged to practice simple strategies to build neurological changes in to automatic movements.
Wednesdays June 5 – July 24:  

(1 hour) 7:30 PST, 10:30 EST, 16:30 CET

Price 120 € (or 100 € for those who have registered for the workshop as well)

payable via PayPal or direct German bank deposit (for Germans).  Sliding scale available for those who need it.

Topics Include:

  • Neurology of Movement:  We will spend time understanding how our brain and our bodies are truly one entity and what the means for one who is hypermobile.  Have you noticed that you tend to be ‘clumsy’ compared with those in bodies with more rigid connective tissue?  Do you often create joint slippage doing simple, daily movements?  Understanding your body-brain connection can help!
  • Movement strategies: We will focus on Yoga Snacks, which are short movement sequences with a goal.  These snacks can be thread together to form longer sequences or can stand alone to support a particular need (like strengthening or stabilizing, etc).  This kind of work can be mentally challenging at first as your brain adjust to new movement strategies.
  • Finding your “normal”: Defining a ‘normal’ for your body can be an empowering and transformative experience. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the unique strengths and capabilities of hypermobile bodies. By developing a deeper understanding of proprioception and how to create a relationship with gravity that supports balance and alignment, we can discover what feels safe and stable, leading to increased confidence, control, and overall well-being. This positive approach can help those with hypermobility embrace their body and find a sense of joy and freedom in movement.
  • Together in Community: This workshop also provides a supportive community of like-minded individuals, creating an empowering and uplifting environment where participants can learn and grow. Ultimately, this workshop can help individuals with hypermobility find greater ease and comfort in their bodies, leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life.