Safe Spaces Yoga Training – 100 Hours

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Dates: TBD (2024 dates postponed),

The Safe Spaces Yoga Training Program  is focused on diving deep into the foundations of Yoga Sadhana (Practice) and functional anatomy while creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. The program with Tammy Bosler (PhD, RYT-500, E-RYT-200 – details of her training and qualification here)  is a comprehensive in-person yoga training.

Flexible Schedule & Bilingual Learning

The schedule provides flexibility with the training over 6 weekends and attendance to some in-person or online classes in the evenings.  For th many people who want to expand their knowledge of Yoga but cannot take a long break in their work schedule, this program can support you.  Partial participation is also available with 50 hour and individual weekends.

Bilingual education will also be offered in this training, with English being the primary language for communicating main principles. However, German translations and support are available on an individual basis to assist participants. (Deutsche Version hier)

Deep Learning & Inclusivity

This is a training designed to give a strong foundation to practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of Yoga and  a preparation for people who are not yet teaching..  Additionally, Yoga teachers who are registered with Yoga Alliance, this program will count towards continuing education,     The Number of Participants will be LIMITED to help assure individual support for each person.

This training is open to all variations of humans who have the capacity and interest to participate and share with the community.  Should you need special support for challenges with body or mind, please let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

The Program: Module 1 – Foundations

1. Context of Modern Yoga & the Viniyoga Tradition:

Yoga Sutras and texts for Yoga training
Learning from those who came before

We will set the content of this work by learning the historical and philosophical context of yoga, with a specific focus on the Viniyoga tradition and the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar (the Lineage Teacher for Viniyoga).  Tammy is passionate about decolonizing Yoga teaching to help participants understand the difference between cultural appropriation and honoring the Indian roots of the tradition that has evolved all over the world.  Authentic Yoga is both rooted and tradition and innovating to honor our current state of being.

2. Art & Science of Sequencing & Adaptation:

The Viniyoga Tradition is one that does not prescribe a single practice or approach to practice for all students.  On the contrary, the individuality of ones practice is the foundation of this tradition.  There are no single solutions or approaches.  In fact, it is only through self-awareness, education, and relationships that we can be empowered to understand what Yoga Practice means for each of us.  However, the ancient tradition of Yoga is full of building blocks that we can use to create our unique practice, and on top of these building blocks, we add the unique bits of ourselves and lived experiences.  The result is refreshingly new ways to Practice that have the flavor of ancient tradition immeshed in them.

Therefore, an important feature of this training is the deep exploration oft Sequencing and Adaptation of Yoga Techniques.   The Viniyoga tradition approaches these topics masterfully, and give participants tremendous freedom to fully express their selves and their vision through sequencing unique practices.  Additionally, we will practice the art of drawing out practices in a simple way using stick figures and notes that can facilitate communication.

3. Biomechanics of Asana & Pranayama:

Yoga training with anatomy
No Bones about it

We will learn some basic applied anatomy and physiology to understand how we move safely in gravity, and how Yoga techniques impact our nervous system. Knowing how the BodyMind works  gives one freedom from dogmatic approaches to practice and teaching.

Memorizing names is less important than understanding how the BodyMind functions as a unit.  However, naturally, there will be some theory to help us create a vocabulary when we talk about different parts of the body.

4. Introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:

The training provides an introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which is a living text and road-map for the mind.  We will explore the first chapter and touch on details of practice in the snd chapter. Participants will also explore chanting the sutras in Sanskrit in the traditional Vedic method.  In addition to developing a relationship with some of the Sutra, Tammy will also use inspirations and guidance from other sources from ancient to modern literature.


5. Foundations of Personal Practice:

Yoga training with FreedomThis aspect of the training focuses on understanding what “Yoga” looks like for you on a daily basis and how to cultivate and maintain a living practice.  When we become well rooted in “returning to ourselves” regularly, we can more deeply regulate our system, be more present in the moment, and more deeply impact the world around us,

We will turn towards ancient sources for inspiration such as 5-kosha model, chakra model, Gunas, and the Yoga Sutras.  We will also invoke lessons from more recent teachers through literature and history.

I will encourage students to be creative and share their work as we practice the systems on which practices are created.  Our community is a divine source of spirit that we will build and sustain together.


Beautiful Shala r_auṃ in downtown Regensburg (Pfarrergasses 2)

The Schedule

  • 6 Monthly Weekend Trainings near Regensburg, Germany

      • 12 hours – Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 17:00, with lunch and tea breaks.
        • Session 1
          • “Five Directions of Movement: Anatomy of Movement & Breath ”
        • Session 2
          • “The Art & Science of Sequencing: Create Unique Practices”
        • Session 3
          • “Energetics of Practice: How to create a Meaningful Practice”
        • Session 4
          • “Bhavana for yourself and others: Setting an Intention to Practice”
        • Session 5
          • “Energetics of the BodyMind: 5-Kosha and Chakra models of the Human system”
        • Session 6
          • “The Art of Personal Practice: Return to your Heart each Moment”
  • Group Class Observations online or in Regensburg

    • 15 hours (attend 10 group classes, online or in person) to learn scrubbing and sequencing

  • Personalized Mentoring

    • individual tutoring sessions during the weekend meetings and via email.

The Price

There three different ways to participate in all or some of the program:

  1. Full 100 Hr. Training:  
    • Early-Bird  1.500€
    • Deposit of 150€ holds a spot (non-refundable)
    • Payment plans available for those who need it.
  2. 50 hrs (3 weekends + group classes):  800€.
  3. Single Weekend: 250€
  • STUDENTS: see Tammy about Discounts and work-exchange

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