Curriculum Vitae (Yoga/Business)

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Tammy Bosler, PhD, RYT-500, EYT-200                              


In the Viniyoga tradition with inspiration from Asthanga Vinyasa, BARPS, Vinyasa Krama, and Zen –  Certified through Yoga Alliance International

9/12 – 2022 – Apprenticeship with Mirka Kraftsow
This is an ongoing one-to-one study with Mirka involving support for developing personal practice, guidance on teaching and program development, assisting in retreats, and professional training on business planning and implementation.

2020 – Taming the Sensory Body: Memory, Text, Idea with Navtej Johar (BARPS method) – 8 week Online series

2-3/11/2019 – Sound, Body, and Mind with Leslie Kaminoff at Zen Center Regensburg (Tammy was also the host and organizer)

03/2019 – Five Lay Buddhist Precepts – initiation into the Zen Center Regensburg Zen community

21-24/06/2018 – TKV Desikachar: We are the Lineage at Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA, USA
Tammy served as assistant to Mirka Kraftsow for her 4 hours of workshop materials.  She also participated in workshops with Gary Kraftsow, Mark Whitwell, R. Sriram, and Navtej Singh Johar

14-15/10/2017 – The Anatomy of Vinyasa with Leslie Kaminoff at Zen Center Regensburg (Tammy was also the host and organizer)

18-19/03/2017 – Advanced Therapeutic Education with Leslie Kaminoff at Inside Yoga, Frankfurt

06/10  – Path to Wholeness in Assisi, Italy with Mirka Kraftsow
This was a weeklong retreat focused on applying the life of St. Francis and St. Clair to the guidance of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to see how these teachings are relevant to our individual life circumstance. She has returned every two years since 2010 to participate and assist in the retreat.

01/08 – 09/09 – Prenatal Yoga Education with Clair Collins (senior teacher at AVI)
One-to-One training to develop a protocol for Yoga teachers working with pregnant women.  This work was written into a manual used by the American Viniyoga Institute as part of its training program.

01/05 – 12/07 – Certified Yoga Teacher, The American Viniyoga Institute (AVI), Austin, TX:
500 hour training (approved by Yoga Alliance).  Topics covered include: The Viniyoga™ tradition; Principles of breath and movement; Biomechanics of asana; Observation of individuals and groups; Principles of adaptation; Art and science of sequencing; Pranayama theory and practice, Meditation, sound, ritual and prayer; Art and science of teaching; Introduction to chanting (including chanting of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali); Introduction to Yoga philosophy; Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Chapters 1 and 2; Introduction to Yoga Therapy

12/03 – Yoga in the Tradition of Krishnamacharya: Yoga Practice and Satsung with Srivatsa Ramaswami.  A 2 day workshop (7 hours) in Redondo Beach, CA USA

01/03 – Yoga Śikṣana, Gray Kraftsow, The Yoga Path, Irvine, CA, a four day in-depth seminar for understanding and experiencing how practice can develop and preserve well-being.  This seminar worked with asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation to refine movement patterns, expand breath capacity, strengthen visceral musculature, deepen concentration, enhance listening skills and improve memory.

11/02 – Yoga for Emotional Health, presented by Gary Kraftsow, Yoga Journal conference, Palm Springs, CA, a two hour presentation and practice on emotional health and healing.

08/02 – Ashtanga Yoga (1st Series) with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, (4 days) San Diego, CA, USA

02/02 – The Art of Personal Practice, presented by Gary Kraftsow & Mirka Scalco Kraftsow, Maui HI:
A five day retreat introducing and integration the various aspects of personal practice, asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation and personal ritual

01/99 – 10/04 Extended study with Juris Zinbergs- Classes, workshops, private study, and retreats – at and near UCI.  Topics covered included Asana study, Sequencing, Pranayama study, Sutras study, Mantra study, Yoga therapy for shoulders and neck, Yoga therapy for Hypermobility


2020 – Present – Online Yoga classes and Workshops

2023 – Group classes in Regensburg Germany (Private Venue)

2015 – 2022 – Teacher at TaraYoga – Viniyoga classes  and Baby & Me

2014 – Yoga Therapy classes and Integrated Yoga classes at Praxis Phoenix, Regensburg, Germany

2013 – 2014 Teacher at Westside Studio (2 to 5 classes a week), Regensburg, Germany

2013 – 2018 Prenatal Yoga at Krankenhaus St. Josef, Regensburg, Germany

2012 – 2013 Regular group classes at Praxis Rollenhagen in Regensburg, Germany

01/08 – 05/10 Private individual Yoga therapy sessions and small group classes in Regensburg, Germany

09/06 – 08/07 Private classes and individual therapy sessions in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

11/05 – 02/06 Yoga Teacher for 20 adult group classes at the Volkshochschule in Regensburg, Germany

12/02 – 07/04  Yoga Teacher (substitute for approximately 20 children and adult classes) at The Yoga Path and Backbay Fitness, Irvine, CA, USA.


2023 – Yoga for Hypermobile Bodies – Online Workshop for people living with collagen-based hypermobility challenges.

2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2022  Path to Wholeness Retreat in Assisi, Italy
Tammy serves as assistant to Mirka Kraftsow – includes organization, marketing, program development, teaching assists, teaching

2013 – 2018 YogaDigital App  (NEW VERSION of the App coming soon)
This is an iOS app developed with Matthias Kretschmann and hosts content from Tammy (integrated practices and guided Yoga Nidra), Mirka Kraftsow (chanting and videos), Juris Zinbergs (audio guided Asana), Stephanie Harding (audio guided gentle Asana), Andrew Sugarman (Yoga sutras chanting, chapters I & II)

2013 – 2020 – Online E-Sangha Program with Mirka Kraftsow
This program began as a teleconference program and is currently a video conference program.  Participants from all over the world call in for sessions on various topics

2018 – Reflections on the Universe: Astrophysics and the Great Question – a four hour lecture series on the nature of the Universe and the discovery of Gravitational Wave.  Hosted at Zen Center Regensburg

2015 (first presented) Winter Light Yoga – 2 day workshop on applications of Yoga techniques to the Winter

2016 (first presented) Kriya Yoga workshop – 3 day workshop on the teachings of Kriya Yoga of Patanjali

2017 (first presented) Pranayama Workshops Series – 8 3-hour workshops over 6 months, including home study.  Guides participants into Pranayama in home practice with tools to understand