Foundations Course 2024 Wednesdays 18:00 CET ONLINE/On-Demand

online Yoga classes supporting teachers

Welcome to the 2024 Foundations Program – In depth online yoga classes to support your practice.  Through this six month series, we will revisit and explore different aspects of Practice to refine and deepen our practices.  For teachers registered with Yoga Alliance, Continuing Education credit (30 Contact Hours, 20 non-contact hours) is available in this series.

The 2024 Foundations series includes five different themes. Each theme includes a certain number of classes and focuses on different aspects of Yoga, to support in-depth study of different aspects of practice.

  1. Jan 10 – Feb 7 – Foundations of Asana  

    • 5 directions of movement and the spirit of adaptation  
    • Forward Folding – Stretching the West
    • Back Bending – Stretching the East
    • Laterals – Side Lengthening
    • Revolving – Twisting
    • Lengthening the Core – Axial Extensions
  2. Feb 21 – March 20 – Foundations of Pranayama

    • The Pancha Vayu Model – Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana, Udana
    • The Bird Model of the Energetic Body
    • Building awareness and support for these energies
    • Practicing Valaving techniques (Viloma Ujayii, Anuloma Ujayii, Pratiloma Ujayii)
  3. April 10 – May 18 – Yoga and the Art of life

    • Pancha Kosha Model
    • Exploring the layers, purifying yourself
    • bringing meaning into practice
  1. May 15 – June 26 (excluding May 22, 29) – Foundations of Life

    • Making your Yoga part of Your Life – work with the personality
    • Bringing meaning into practice
    • Awareness and the Neuroscience of Embodiment

Join Dr. Tammy Bosler on this transformative journey and let go of the image of “Yoga” to find yourself. Register now and be a part of this revolution in Yoga!

These online Yoga classes are designed to support individuals in their personal transformation journey through Yoga. The classes are based on Integrated practice, which includes movement, breath, focus, meditation, and mantra, along with discussions of Philosophy, History, and Science.

The 2024 online yoga classes are available to everyone and offers flexible pricing options. The classes are held live on Wednesdays at various times to accommodate individuals from different time zones. The classes are also eligible for Continuing Education Credits for Yoga teachers with the International Yoga Alliance.

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TIMES for our live calls – Wednesdays
18:00 – 19:30 Central European Time
12:00 – 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
10:00 – 11:30 Mountain Time (11:00 in fall/winter)
9:00 – 10:30 Pacific Standard Time
6:00 – 7:30 AM Hawaii (7:00 in fall/winter)

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