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A 6-class series of integrated Yoga classes will be inspired by the teaching of Francis of Assisi. It will focus on inspiring from within using the qualities the Francis referred to when he prayed for illumination of the heart – Faith, Hope, Charity, Humility, and Wisdom. These practices are non-religious in nature, but they will support anyone working with a spiritual practice.

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Titles in this Series

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Right Faith (15 min)
  • Session 1 – Practice – Mantra and Drama Exhale (1 hour)
  • Session 2 – Introduction to Firm Hope (16 min)
  • Session 2 – Practice – Visualization of Peace Nyasa (1 hour)
  • Session 3 – Introduction to Perfect Charity (20 min)
  • Session 3 – Practice – Samana Pranayama with Mantra (1 hour)
  • Session 4 – Introduction to Profound Humility (20 min)
  • Session 4 – Practice Extended Exhale with mantra (45 min)
  • Session 5 – Introduction to Wisdom & Perception (13 min)
  • Session 5 – Practice – Finding gate Pause (1 hour)
  • Session 6 – Discussion of the series (28 min)
  • Session 6 – Practice – Gentle Neck (1 hour)

This class is to support and celebrate my community during this time of historical changing that has shifted all ideas of ‘normality’.  Come and be seen and see how it feels to greet your body with an open heart even in times of great challenges – no need to ‘fix’ or ‘improve’ anything, just come and be.  This simple Asana sequence will help mobilize the body from head to toe and relieve tension that may be with your BodyMind.  After a deep rest, those who would like to share their inner experiences of the day or the week are welcome to come and be hear without judgement.

After the practice, there will be space to be together if anyone has something to share to questions about the practice.  I find that speaking after a practice helps us speak from a place of more clarity, and sometime, deeper insights arise.  Sharing in a trusted group can be a valuable support.