Pranayama Master Class – Archive

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A 4-class series focusing on Integrating the 4th Limb – Purchase the full series (including handouts)!  Since this is a class that was given to advanced practitioners, it is assumed that participants will take advantage of the learning from guided home exploration as well.

Session 1 – Understanding Breath Capacity (36 min video + Home Study)

Session 2 – Valving Techniques (52 min video + Home Study)

Session 3 – Vinyasa of Pranayama (39 min video + Home Study with video guidance)

Session 4 – Embody the Breath (short intro video + 40 min practice)

This four-part series will help build a strong foundation for Pranayama practice at home.  Tammy will provide background information and each recorded session will introduce new information and techniques to practice at home.